Tuesday 11th September 2018
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Book Review
We are all living with Alice in Wonderland. The rule book for modern life!
Dead Man Walking
Simon Skinner, Chairman of the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) is about to fall on his sword and resign.               Read more
Geilston Garden
Bumper apple crop at Geilston. See more
Two Wheels and Four
Harley-Davidson Edinburgh Rocks
Harley-Davidson Glasgow Sucks   More
Print & Display
Spread the word. Print & display. See how
Boris Bikes?
Do we need Boris Bikes in Helensburgh?
I had a number of careers, then in a mid-life crisis became a pixel wrangler
Read more                     My CV
Geilston Plans
Local resident, John Black, to take over the management of Geilston House and Gardens from the National Trust
                                                 Read more
Jackie Baillie to Quit?
Is Jackie Baillie about to resign as an MSP?                      Read more
Thought for the Day
Is is possible to have one decent thought a day?                 Read more
Feeling Lucky, Punk?
Fancy your chances?            Click here
The SNP Cult
The SNP party meet the definition of a political cult    Read more
Waverley Sailing
There is one more Helensburgh sailing on the schedule. Read more
Toon Wedding of Year!

                                 Read more.
Putting a shine on it
This week we are polishing two turds.                                  Read more.
Sinclair Street Next?
Is Sinclair Street next for closure?
The Art Gallery
A selection from local art galleries.
                                            Read more.
Teachers 1950s
The teachers at the Hermitage Academy
Poet's Corner
Wur Doomed!
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