Tuesday 4th September 2018
The SNP are a Political Cult
                         © John Black 2018

Iain McWhirter is wrong when he considers then rejects the thesis that the SNP is a “cult”. (Come what may, the SNP stubbornly refuses to split. The Herald September 6th). The party satisfies all of the requirements necessary to qualify as a political cult.

I lived in the American State of Oregon during the 1980s. The followers of the Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh migrated to the State. The religious cult bought the Big Muddy Ranch in Central Oregon and turned an empty rural property into a town of 7,000 adherents. Spiritual enlightenment required that followers donate their worldly goods to the cause.

The Bhagwan invested the cash in his fleet of 26 Rolls Royce motor cars. His secretary Ma Anand Sheela assumed more power within the cult, was responsible for multiple criminal acts, fled to West Germany, was extradited and imprisoned for attempted murder, assault, wiretapping, arson, immigration fraud and the largest act of bio-terrorism on US soil. This from infecting a salad bar in restaurants in The Dalles with salmonella. The cult survives based in India.

Most readers will have forgotten Jonestown where 918 followers of the Reverend Jim Jones committed mass suicide.

In both cases, rational, intelligent people gave their worldly goods and lives for an irrational spiritual cause.

The SNP is a political cult, based on the irrational sense in many Scots of a common heritage and identity. The SNP have no other political ideology. They have been in power since 2007 with no commitment to Scotland and the welfare of the population.

IndyRef and now IndyRef2 are the defining lode star.

There is nothing else.

With no policies, there is no scope for political divisions. Any heretics displaying independent thoughts are banished.

The parallels between the SNP and the Rajneeshees are striking.

More so since we are witnessing the self-destruction of the SNP dream broadcast live..