Tuesday 11th Spetember 2018
One last week, two this.
Last week saw the demise of The Sunday Herald in a final issue that came with the sick already embedded.

No need to grovel in the gutter of the piss and vomit of Saturday night. We now have two uninvited offspring on our newsstands. Page after page of the same tired journalism from the same tired journalists.

If one Sunday paper was in financial difficulty, in what parallel universe does it make sense to replace one failed paper with two?

The Herald on Sunday is the lineal descendant of The Sunday Herald. Hold them up to the light and you can't tell the difference.

The Sunday National is raw meat for the knuckle dragging rabble. You have witnessed them taking to the streets during the summer.

Kilt-wearing, saltire carrying disciples of the Cult that is the SNP.

Wee Eck and the Nippy Sweety haven't a clue what to do with an Independent Scotland.

They have been tapping into the zeitgeist.

Into the raw need to belong to something, somewhere.

Since this is Scotland, let's take up the cause.

The Nation has been providing breakfast table fodder for the faithful since its founding.

Now, the brave lads and lassies get fed seven days a week.

Haud me back and pass the sick bag.